Warmachine at Texicon! June 24-26

You are awaited at Texicon!

Warmachine at Texicon, a wild 3 days of intense Warmachine that includes a weekend of tournaments and incredible Iron Arena that the warboys of Valhalla can only dream of returning to raid the loot from. Held this year at the Hurst Convention Center in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, we'll be rolling historic on our own Fury Road!

Purchase your tickets through Texicon's Web site, then once you have your receipt confirmed, go down to event information and let us know what events you'd like to pre-register for.

If you are going to win, win like a true warboy, riding eternal and shiny through our tournaments Friday and Saturday in order to qualify for the masters tournament on Sunday morning. If this is not to your taste, spend your weekend in great company battling it out in the Iron Arena and Story Campaign to leave with more swag than you can imagine.

Your Immortan and his Imperators

Do not, my friends, become addicted to calling us to your table over petty rules. Play tight, play like you have a pair and we will walk you proudly to the gates of Valhalla!


Each day at Texicon will consist of one qualifier event and multiple surprises strewn across the Iron Arena. It is our goal, as hosts, to make sure that those who want to play competitivly have a tightly run tournament environment, while those who love fun, fluff and comaraderie during this game can reap the prizes and laughs across our open play Iron Arena environment. Spots are limited, and will be first come, first served.

EVENT PRE-REGISTRATION - If you have bought your ticket for Texicon and are ready to lock your name down in our events, this is your link.

List submission for registered attendees to the Steamroller event.
Standard 2 list 75 point steamroller. You will need to provide two copies of your lists.
Open play with unique scenarios, quests and surprise events for participants.
List submission for registered attendees to the Escalation tournament.
A 3 round escalation tournament. Round 1 will be at 35 points, Round 2 will be at 50, and Round 3 will be at 75 points.
Mk3 rules using 40pt Highlander lists (1 unit, 1 solo, 1 jack/beast. Additional points may only be spent on beasts/jacks). All models must be painted and based.
Open play with unique scenarios, quests and surprise events for participants.
List submission for Texicon Masters and the battle for the glory of Valhalla.
Top 16 players fight to earn their place in Valhalla. Current Season ADR, 3 lists, 75 points.
Open play with unique scenarios, quests and surprise events for participants ... including the infamous "Story tournament" which will now be integrated into Iron Arena.

Register and ride with us to Texicon's Valhalla

Thunder up Warboys! Here we go!


Event Location

The Hurst Convention Center

1601 Campus Dr.
Hurst, TX 76054
Get directions
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